New Leaf.

It has been some time since I last posted. I hope that you can enjoy my photograph as much as I do, and I hope that it makes up for the not posting a lot. Life gets busy sometimes. Here is to turning over a new leaf. Enjoy.



Romantic Horse Ride.

Romantic Horse Ride.

Bad Day

Today did not have a good start and it had a worse ending. Now to rant about it where no one can get their feelings hurt. When you ask to be a wedding you should know it is going to cost you. Do not complain about having to buy a bridesmaid dress. When the bride pays for shoes, flowers, party the night before, and more. I would understand if the dress was $250, but only because most are $150-$200. Oh then after saying your dropping the wedding and the bride lets you back in, and you do something like question every decision the bride and wedding planner have already made while you were to busy to show up. I would say sorry, but I am not. If this mess happens to me when I am the bride, I am going to lose friends before I deal with it. Hope you like the outfit. I just felt like a little daredevil today.

burn baby burn

burn baby burn

$50 –

H&M skinny jeans
$30 –

Office high heel pumps
$42 –

MANGO fedora hat
$23 –

The Land

The Land

Warehouse black velvet dress
$45 –

Mossimo jacket

VILA shiny pants
$24 –

Zara Home felt hat


I am trying to build a playground to make up for our local playgrounds being so blah. I want a playground that is all ages friendly. Unfortunately with todays regulations it seems almost impossible, but what if we brought back something that started in the 1940’s. Most of my friends love sand box games. Why do we like sand box games where we make decisions, take risk, and learn? I am not talking a pit of sand. I am talking about things like mine craft where if you dig straight down you die. Granted in real life we should probably keep dying off of the list. Let’s face it kids would rather play with junk than with new toys anyway. New playgrounds that are super safe are not well visited anymore. Want to know more here is an article to get you started.

Hope you enjoyed this and the next post inspired by “The Land” playground in North Wales.