Save a Life

I have probably been up to late. I could not sleep so I started looking up cute pets. I just kept looking around on different sites. Things turned for the worse when I found my way to a very graphic, very disturbing, and very horrifying YouTube video. I will post the link, but viewer discursion is advised, and I would not watch it if you love animals, are very young, are a stranger to violence, are still hopeful for the human race, or if you have children nearby during viewing this. This is not for the faint of heart. To distract myself I looked up dog rescues gone right. The unfortunate part about dog rescues gone right is the lack of adoptions the us and many places in the world face. In the us alone over 8 million dogs are put into shelters every year, but less than half of that amount make it out of the shelters and into forever homes(According to Petco’s Rescue Wagon). There are programs that are starting to be put into place to help animals in Detroit, especially dogs, but they do cost money. We are talking $5000. Thankfully $2000 of that has been paid to get this program started in all of the fourth grade classes. If we can start this movement of care young maybe we can actually end this terrible abuse of animals. Next time you are considering getting a pet opt for a shelter or rescue dog over one that will only add to the problem of to many pets, not enough homes.


Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet

Just a little insane today

Today I felt like wearing red, but since my red shoes don’t look good with any of my outfits I just switched to pink. I have been called insane, and if I ever where an outfit like the one I pulled together on Polyvore I would be called more insane. I love the blood spilt nail look. It is great for October, but after October it fades. So by the time October roles around again I have already forgotten it. This year I am preparing for little things to make my wardrobe special this year. October is finished, now maybe I should do something for January.



Jane Norman white peplum shirt
$23 –

Slim fit trench coat
$15 –

Vero Moda jeans
$47 –

Guess What

I know that you probably don’t care, but I was in two pageants recently. I enjoyed being on stage so much. I did not have much support from my friends and family, but those who were behind me were 100% behind me. I absolutely hope I can do another pageant this month. Actually the only reason I might not is the $100 donation fee that has to be raised. That is the main pain. I love the pageant world. Being able to go on stage at a healthy weight, and do something most girls up there don’t do.

A little Advice.

Fashion trends come and go. While it is always great to try new things, do not get so caught up in trying new things that you forget that fashion is just one way to express yourself everyday without saying a word. Here are a few friendly tips I have found since deciding I love fashion enough to try and blog about it.

  1. If it does not fit, get rid of it. (While it is okay to have one or two things as a goal outfit when losing weight it is not okay to wear those things until they fit, so do not have a whole closet full of things that are too little. This also goes to anyone who has lost weight recently. Your clothes should fit properly. A proper fit makes you look and feel better about yourself. So do yourself a favor and get rid of the to big and the to small clothes that are in your closet.)
  2. Dress for you! (I think this point is under emphasized in fashion all to often. Again fashion is a way to express yourself, not everyone around you. While I love the bright lipstick trend, someone else might like the I know my purse is bigger than most of me and I love it that way trend.)
  3. Dress your age. (This point really hits home with me. I love cupcake skirts and hair bows. It is not something I will grow out of. However when you wear clothes that are meant for kids it makes you look a lot younger than you are. The year I graduated from high school I had a sixth grader ask me if I would be starting school there soon because I looked like a fifth grade. I learned shortly after that about a way to wear hair bows and skirts in a more grown up fashion.)

Well that is all of the tips I can think of right now. Comment bellow if you would like to see more tips and tricks on fashion. Have a fabulous day.