Save a Life

I have probably been up to late. I could not sleep so I started looking up cute pets. I just kept looking around on different sites. Things turned for the worse when I found my way to a very graphic, very disturbing, and very horrifying YouTube video. I will post the link, but viewer discursion is advised, and I would not watch it if you love animals, are very young, are a stranger to violence, are still hopeful for the human race, or if you have children nearby during viewing this. This is not for the faint of heart. To distract myself I looked up dog rescues gone right. The unfortunate part about dog rescues gone right is the lack of adoptions the us and many places in the world face. In the us alone over 8 million dogs are put into shelters every year, but less than half of that amount make it out of the shelters and into forever homes(According to Petco’s Rescue Wagon). There are programs that are starting to be put into place to help animals in Detroit, especially dogs, but they do cost money. We are talking $5000. Thankfully $2000 of that has been paid to get this program started in all of the fourth grade classes. If we can start this movement of care young maybe we can actually end this terrible abuse of animals. Next time you are considering getting a pet opt for a shelter or rescue dog over one that will only add to the problem of to many pets, not enough homes.


About stilizedprincess

Where to start? When I was little I decided I wanted to be a dancer, singer, author, actress (who can do my own stunts), marine biologist, astrologist, fashion designer, photographer, and the list really goes on. Growing up I have decided that I no longer wanted to be some of those things (scientist in general was thrown out), but I have also worked to accomplish the ones I stuck with. While I am not really great at any one thing I am good at many. I love being a jack of all trades. So what if I am not perfect I have fun and enjoy what I do.

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