A little Advice.

Fashion trends come and go. While it is always great to try new things, do not get so caught up in trying new things that you forget that fashion is just one way to express yourself everyday without saying a word. Here are a few friendly tips I have found since deciding I love fashion enough to try and blog about it.

  1. If it does not fit, get rid of it. (While it is okay to have one or two things as a goal outfit when losing weight it is not okay to wear those things until they fit, so do not have a whole closet full of things that are too little. This also goes to anyone who has lost weight recently. Your clothes should fit properly. A proper fit makes you look and feel better about yourself. So do yourself a favor and get rid of the to big and the to small clothes that are in your closet.)
  2. Dress for you! (I think this point is under emphasized in fashion all to often. Again fashion is a way to express yourself, not everyone around you. While I love the bright lipstick trend, someone else might like the I know my purse is bigger than most of me and I love it that way trend.)
  3. Dress your age. (This point really hits home with me. I love cupcake skirts and hair bows. It is not something I will grow out of. However when you wear clothes that are meant for kids it makes you look a lot younger than you are. The year I graduated from high school I had a sixth grader ask me if I would be starting school there soon because I looked like a fifth grade. I learned shortly after that about a way to wear hair bows and skirts in a more grown up fashion.)

Well that is all of the tips I can think of right now. Comment bellow if you would like to see more tips and tricks on fashion. Have a fabulous day.


About stilizedprincess

Where to start? When I was little I decided I wanted to be a dancer, singer, author, actress (who can do my own stunts), marine biologist, astrologist, fashion designer, photographer, and the list really goes on. Growing up I have decided that I no longer wanted to be some of those things (scientist in general was thrown out), but I have also worked to accomplish the ones I stuck with. While I am not really great at any one thing I am good at many. I love being a jack of all trades. So what if I am not perfect I have fun and enjoy what I do.

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