This week :)

I know I have messed up again. My computer had to be put in the shop due to viruses. I just got it back. This week will be better. On to discuss A walk in the Park. I started looking for a background and got distracted by the words midnight garden. I loved the idea of dressing up to go on a date in a garden. Once I had an outfit picked out for me I was going to design the guys outfit, but polyvore did not really have anything for a guy to wear on a date. I hope you enjoy it.


About stilizedprincess

Where to start? When I was little I decided I wanted to be a dancer, singer, author, actress (who can do my own stunts), marine biologist, astrologist, fashion designer, photographer, and the list really goes on. Growing up I have decided that I no longer wanted to be some of those things (scientist in general was thrown out), but I have also worked to accomplish the ones I stuck with. While I am not really great at any one thing I am good at many. I love being a jack of all trades. So what if I am not perfect I have fun and enjoy what I do.

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