The Pictures.

I am going to try to create one new picture on polyvor everyday starting yesterday, and then post what inspired me to create it. So the first on was Bow Ties Are Cool. I was inspired by the compliment I received and one of my favorite television shows. The one for today is Fly Away. I decided I wanted this to be an everyday thing earlier today, but I was stuck for inspiration so I just looked at backgrounds and the pretty sky and fall leaves just caught my attention so I designed an outfit based on the sky and fall colors. Hope you find it fabulous.


About stilizedprincess

Where to start? When I was little I decided I wanted to be a dancer, singer, author, actress (who can do my own stunts), marine biologist, astrologist, fashion designer, photographer, and the list really goes on. Growing up I have decided that I no longer wanted to be some of those things (scientist in general was thrown out), but I have also worked to accomplish the ones I stuck with. While I am not really great at any one thing I am good at many. I love being a jack of all trades. So what if I am not perfect I have fun and enjoy what I do.

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